SEWR standard plates

SEWR standard plate information for sewer structures, castings and other components in Minneapolis.

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SEWR standard plates only

SEWR-1000 series: Sewer structures

Number Title Approval Date
SEWR-1000-R1 Typical Manhole Construction (MnDOT Design F Modified) 12/09
SEWR-1001-R2 Precast Riser Sections 04/24
SEWR-1002-R1 Manhole Power Flow Detail 04/24
SEWR-1003 Manhole Base Slab 12/06
SEWR-1004 Short Cone Top Slab 12/06
SEWR-1005-R1 27” or 30” Center Hole Manhole Top Slab 04/24
SEWR-1006 Manhole "Mini-Tee" Section (MnDOT Design J) 12/06
SEWR-1007 Manhole Tee Section (MnDOT Design J) 12/06
SEWR-1010 Catch Basin Structure Requirements 12/06
SEWR-1011-R2 Concrete Adjusting Rings 04/24
SEWR-1012 "Jake" Grate Box 12/06
SEWR-1013 "Jake" Grate Cover 12/06
SEWR-1014 Block Manhole Construction (Alternate, Modified MnDOT Design A) 12/06
SEWR-1015 27" Offset Manhole Top Slab Alternate 12/06
SEWR-1016-R2 Brick Manhole Reconstruction 2/12/21
SEWR-1017-R1 Standard Catch Basin Construction 04/24

SEWR-2000 series: Sewer castings

Number Title Approval Date
SEWR-2000-R1 Manhole Cover City Logo 3/19
SEWR-2001-R1 Self-Sealing Manhole Cover 3/19
SEWR-2002 Sidewalk Cover 12/06
SEWR-2003 Circular Vane Grate 12/06
SEWR-2004 Standard Manhole Casting 2/07
SEWR-2005 Low Profile Manhole Casting 2/07
SEWR-2006 Catch Basin Casting 12/06
SEWR-2007 Curb Box Casting for Catch Basin 12/06
SEWR-2008 Catch Basin Grate Type "V" 12/06
SEWR-2009 Circular Vane Grate with Right Lug 12/06
SEWR-2010 Circular Vane Grate with Left Lug 12/06
SEWR-2011 Cast Iron Adjusting Ring 12/06
SEWR-2012 36" Manhole Casting (Grit Chamber) 12/06
SEWR-2013 36" Manhole Cover (Grit Chamber) 12/06
SEWR-2016 42" Round Shaft Casting and Cover Lower Position 2/12/21
SEWR-2017 48" Round Shaft Casting and Cover Upper Position 2/12/21

SEWR-3000 series: Miscellaneous sewer components

Sewr-3000 series: miscellaneous sewer components
Number Title Approval Date
SEWR-3000 Water Stop Detail 12/06
SEWR-3001 Watertight Pipe Connection 12/06
SEWR-3002 Lamp Hole Cap Removal 12/06
SEWR-3003 Construction Joint – PVC Pipe to Clay Pipe 12/06
SEWR-3004 Concrete Pipe Ties 12/06
SEWR-3005 Riprap at RC Pipe Outlets (1 of 2) 12/06
SEWR-3006 Riprap at RC Pipe-Arch Outlets (2 of 2) 12/06
SEWR-3007 Timber Pile Bents for Concrete Piling Pipe 12/06
SEWR-3008 Blind Manhole Detail 12/06
SEWR-3009 Shaft Hole Safety Grate Prototype 12/06
SEWR-3010 RC Pipe Flared End/Apron Trash Guard 12/06

SEWR-4000 series: Sewer pipes

Number Title Approval Date
SEWR-4000 Shear Reinforcement for Precast Drainage Structures 12/06
SEWR-4001 RC Pipe 66" and Under (R-4 Confined O-Ring Gasket Joint, 1 of 2) 12/06
SEWR-4002 RC Pipe 72" and Larger (R-4 Confined O-Ring Gasket Joint, 2 of 2) 12/06
SEWR-4003 RC Pipe Bend 12/06
SEWR-4004 RC Pipe-Arch (1 of 3) 12/06
SEWR-4005 RC Pipe-Arch (2 of 3) 12/06
SEWR-4006 RC Pipe-Arch (3 of 3) 12/06
SEWR-4007-R1 Vitrified Clay Pipe 7/07
SEWR-4008 Precast Concrete Box Culverts (1 of 5) 12/06
SEWR-4009 Precast Concrete Box Culverts (2 of 5) 12/06
SEWR-4010 Precast Concrete Box Culverts (3 of 5) 12/06
SEWR-4011 Precast Concrete Box Culverts (4 of 5) 12/06
SEWR-4012 Precast Concrete Box Culverts (5 of 5) 12/06
SEWR-4013 Concrete Apron for RC Pipe-Arch 12/06
SEWR-4014 Concrete Apron for RC Pipe 12/06
SEWR-4015 PVC Pipe Standards 12/06
SEWR-4016 Slotted Drain for 12" through 30" diameter CM Pipe 12/06

SEWR-5000 series: Existing sewer infrastructure reference

Note: For Reference Use Only! Not for Use in New Construction!
Number Title Approval Date
SEWR-5000 Side Catch Basin Grate 1/07
SEWR-5001 Side Catch Basin Casting 1/07
SEWR-5002 Side Catch Basin Curb Box 1/07
SEWR-5003 Slotted Square Catch Basin Grate 1/07
SEWR-5004 Slotted Circular Catch Basin Grate 1/07
SEWR-5005 Slotted Circular Convex Catch Basin Grate 1/07
SEWR-5006 Typical Brick Manhole 1/07
SEWR-5007 Semi-Elliptical Tunnel 1/07
SEWR-5008 Reinforced Concrete Egg 1/07
SEWR-5009 Standard Strength Clay Pipe 1/07
SEWR-5010 Corrugated Metal Pipe 1/07
SEWR-5011 Brick Egg/Circular Shaped Sewers 1/07
SEWR-5012 Concrete Oval Sewer Pipe 1/07
SEWR-5013 Breach and Stacked Connections 1/07
SEWR-5014 Alley Apron Catch Basin Grate 1/07
SEWR-5015 Self-Sealing Solid Manhole Cover 4/07
SEWR-5016 No-Bell Vitrified Clay Pipe 7/07
SEWR-5017 Manhole Cover -- Seven Lift Hole 9/09
SEWR-5019 Lamphole Casting & Cover 12/14
SEWR-5020 Square Catch Basin 12/14
SEWR-5021 Slotted Circular Concave Catch Basin Grate 12/14
SEWR-5022                          Brick Manhole Reconstruction  4/21
SEWR-5023                          48” Hexagonal Shaft Casting 12/06
SEWR-5024                          48” Hexagonal Shaft Cover  12/06
SEWR-5025                          27” Center Hole Manhole Top Slab 12/06
SEWR-5026                          Precast Catch Basin Pot 12/09
SEWR-5027                          Catch Basin Installation 12/06

SEWR-6000 series: Sewer design reference

Number Title Approval Date
SEWR-6000 Excavation Chart 1/07
SEWR-6001 Manhole Sizing Chart 1/07
SEWR-6002-R1 Class C Bedding for Trench Condition 4/21
SEWR-6003 Trench Width for Concrete Pipe Class C Bedding 1/07
SEWR-6004 Embankment Fill Height for Concrete Pipe 1/07
SEWR-6005 Trench Width for Concrete Pipe Class B Bedding (120 PCF Soil Density) 1/07
SEWR-6006   Trench Fill Height for RC Pipe Class B (120 PCF Soil Density) 1/07
SEWR-6007 Inlet Capacity Chart (SAG Condition, 1 of 3) 1/07
SEWR-6008 Inlet Capacity Chart (On Grade Condition, 2 of 3) 1/07
SEWR-6009 Inlet Capacity Chart (On Grade Condition, 3 of 3) 1/07
SEWR-6010 Rainfall Data (1 of 3) 2/09
SEWR-6011 Rainfall Data (2 of 3) 2/09
SEWR-6012 Rainfall Data (Calculation Sheet, 3 of 3) 2/09
SEWR-6013 Drillhole Capacities Chart 1/07
SEWR-6014 Minimum Slopes for 2.0 ft. per sec. 1/07
SEWR-6015 Minimum Slopes for 2.5 ft. per sec. 1/07
SEWR-6016 Conversion of Units of Flow U.S. gal. per min. to sec. ft. 1/07
SEWR-6017 Rebar 1/07

SEWR-7000 series: Park board sewer appurtenances

Number Title Approval Date
SEWR-7000 Park Board Manhole Cover City Logo 12/06
SEWR-7001 Park Board Catch Basin Grate Type "V" 12/06
SEWR-7002 Park Board Green Space Inlet Grate 12/06
SEWR-7003 Park Board Narrow Type 1 Catch Basin Grate 4/07
SEWR-7004 Park Board Narrow Type 2 Catch Basin Grate 4/07
SEWR-7005 Park Board Narrow Type 3 Catch Basin Grate 4/07
SEWR-7006 Park Board Catch Basin Grate 814A MnDOT Style 4/07
SEWR-7007 Park Board Slotted Rectangular Catch Basin Grate 4/07
SEWR-7008 Park Board Rectangular Catch Basin Grate 4/07
SEWR-7009 Park Board Slotted Square Catch Basin Grate 4/07

SEWR-8000 series: erosion control

Number Title Approval Date
SEWR-8000 Sediment Control - Catch Basin Stand Pipe 3/07
SEWR-8001 Sediment Control - Silt Fence 4/07
SEWR-8002 Sediment Control - Rock Entrance 4/07
SEWR-8003 Inlet Protection Type A & C 4/07
SEWR-8004 Sediment Control - Pop Up Riser 4/07
SEWR-8005 Blanket Stapling Pattern 4/07
SEWR-8006 Dewatering - Trash Pump 4/07
SEWR-8007 Erosion Control Notes 4/07
SEWR-8008 Sediment Control - Filter Log 4/07
SEWR-8009 Super Duty Silt Fence 3/07


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