Strategic and Racial Equity Action Plan

This plan guides the City's racial equity work.


The City of Minneapolis has a plan to improve racial equity.

We are focusing on seven key areas:

  • Public safety
  • Housing stability
  • Economic development
  • Workforce diversity
  • Spending diversity
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Engagement with diverse communities

Our Strategic Racial Equity Action Plan (SREAP) connects with the City's bigger plan called Minneapolis 2040.

See Minneapolis 2040

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With this plan, we seek to:

  • Make our workforce more diverse and spend money with more types of businesses
  • Use data that looks at different races when making decisions
  • Better connect with different communities through boards and commissions

This plan will help us decide where to make policies and put our resources. It is a big step forward in making Minneapolis better for everyone.


View the Strategic and Racial Equity Action Plan documents

Racial Equity Impact Analysis

The Racial Equity Impact Analysis (REIA) is a process we use in the City of Minneapolis. We started using REIA as part of the SREAP plan.

REIA helps us think about how our decisions affect people of color, through our:

  • Policies
  • Practices
  • Programs
  • Budgets

We use this process when:

  • Making new laws or changing existing ones.
  • Changing city policies.
  • Appointed Boards and Commissions use it to see how their recommendations affect racial equity.

The REIA helps us make better decisions every day by keeping racial fairness in mind.

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