Hiawatha-Lake Intersection Study

In the spring of 2019, the City and Hennepin county completed the Hi-Lake Phase 2 Intersection Study.

Hi-Lake Phase 2 Study (completed April 2019)

In the spring of 2019, the City and Hennepin county completed the Hi-Lake Phase 2 Intersection Study. Phase 2 of the study began in fall 2017 and examined potential near and long-term solutions for improving the multimodal environment at the Hi-Lake Intersection.

Phase 2 of the study focused on

  • Developing a phased action plan for the implementation of the interim Tier 1 and 2 improvements
  • Additional technical analysis to confirm feasibility
  • Additional refinement of the preferred long-term concept (Tight Diamond)
  • Public engagement around these items

Phase 2 study materials

 Hi Lake Study

Near term treatments (2019)

  • The City And County have entered into an agreement to equally fund $400,000 in near-term treatments at Hi-Lake in 2019, as identified in the Hi-Lake Action Plan. Hennepin County will be leading design and construction of the treatments.
  • The 2019 improvements will include: temporary curb extensions, concrete median extensions for pedestrian refuges, high visibility crosswalk markings and installation of a temporary bus platform in a portion of the westbound right turn lane on Lake Street.

*For more information on the near term treatments, see Hennepin County's project page.

Long term vision: tight diamond intersection reconfiguration

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has committed to funding $1.5M in pedestrian improvements at the Hi-Lake Intersection in 2022, in addition to their repaving of Hiawatha Avenue. This is an exciting opportunity for MnDOT, the City and County to implement the long-term vision of fully redesigning Hi-Lake in 2022. 



Hi-Lake Phase 1 Study (completed 2016)

In February 2016, the City and Hennepin County completed the Hi-Lake Phase 1 Intersection Study, a technical study to inform decisions about potential improvements to the pedestrian and bicycle environment at the Hi-Lake interchange. Phase 1 of the study documented existing conditions, key transportation issues at the intersection, and identified a number of potential short and long-term treatments at the intersection.

Several goals emerged from Phase 1 of the Study, including: 

  • Improve pedestrian and bicyclist comfort, safety, and security, and minimize delay at signals
  • Ensure the roadway configuration supports all transit movements and facilitates efficient transit operations
  • Reallocate right-of-way from vehicle lanes to sidewalk space where feasible to accommodate improved transit infrastructure, including arterial bus rapid transit stations
  • Create a dedicated connection between nearby bicycle trails and the Blue Line Lake Street Station

The City shared Phase 1 of the study with community organizations in the area and at community events, such as 2017 Lake Street Open Streets and the Midtown Farmers Market.

Phase 1 study materials

Hi-Lake Intersection study
Hi-Lake Intersection appendices
Hi-Lake Intersection study presentation (February 2016)



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