Sidewalks Inspections

Sidewalks Inspections inspects and manages public sidewalks throughout the City.

Sidewalk responsibilities for residents

Sidewalks are important paths for people to walk on safely. They are helpful for disabled people or wheelchair users. Sidewalks help keep neighborhoods nice and stop green areas from getting ruined. If you own property in Minneapolis, you have to take care of the sidewalk near your property.

See City Ordinance 427.90

Taking care of the sidewalk includes:

  • maintenance
  • repair
  • construction

The property owner handles clearing snow and ice from their sidewalks in winter. Sidewalk Inspections checks to make sure property owners clear snow and ice from sidewalks.

Read more about sidewalk snow clearing rules

Damaged sidewalks

It's important to fix sidewalk problems so everyone can move around easily. Some common sidewalk problems are:

  • worn-out sidewalks
  • tree roots
  • broken paths

A contractor needs to repair any damage to the sidewalk on your property. The contractor needs to have insurance to fix sidewalks. All contractors must have an approved Sidewalk Inspection Permit from Sidewalk Inspections. Public Works may provide a temporary asphalt path until a sidewalk is fixed.

Before any private contractors can build sidewalks in a City owned right-of-way, they need to get a Sidewalk Inspection Permit.

Apply for a Sidewalk Inspection Permit

Sidewalk repair program

Every year, Sidewalk Inspections picks different parts of the city to fix sidewalks. We fix the sidewalks that are uneven or damaged. Sidewalk Inspections looks at areas that we have replaced before and where we have planned other projects. The areas that we plan to fix may change.

You will get a notice if your property is in one of the areas we plan to fix. You can either hire your own contractor to fix it or let the city hire someone. If the city does the work, Sidewalk Inspections will send the bill to the property owner. You can pay the bill all at once or add the cost to your property taxes as a special payment.

  • If the cost is less than $500.00, the property owner pays the assessment in one payment;
  • If the cost is between $500.00 and $1500.00, the property owner pays the assessment in five (5) equal yearly payments;
  • If the cost is more than $1500.00, the property owner pays the assessment in ten (10) equal yearly payments. Interest is charged only on the remaining principal; interest rates vary.
An example of a sidewalk in Minneapolis.
An example of a sidewalk in Minneapolis.
An example of a sidewalk in Minneapolis.

Apply for a sidewalk inspection permit

You can learn how to apply for a sidewalk permit.

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