Sidewalk inspection permit

You must get a sidewalk inspection permit before doing any sidewalk repair or construction work.


Before doing any sidewalk work, a sidewalk inspection permit is required.  Follow these steps to get a sidewalk construction inspection permit:

  1. A current certificate of insurance on file with the Minneapolis Sidewalk Inspections office.
  2. Your permit fee is based on the scope of your work for your project. Please follow the instructions on where to send your fee. Do not send your permit fee to the Sidewalk Inspections Division.  
  3. Once your fee payment has been processed by the Finance Department of the City of Minneapolis, you will receive your Sidewalk Construction Permit (via email).
  4. A cold weather plan will be required for sidewalk construction work not completed by, or beginning after October 1st.  For questions on the cold weather plan, contact Larry Matsumoto

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