Sidewalk inspection permit

You must get a permit before doing sidewalk repair or construction work. Use this permit for curbs or gutters, driveway aprons and curb ramps as well.

Apply for a permit

You must apply for and have a valid sidewalk inspection permit if you want to build or fix:

  • Sidewalks (repair and replacement)
  • Curbs or gutters
  • Driveway aprons
  • Pedestrian curb ramps

Apply for a sidewalk inspection permit

Work must meet City standards

Contract work done in the Public Right-of-Way must meet the City standard.

How to get a permit

Follow these steps to get a sidewalk inspection permit.

  1. Complete the application for a sidewalk inspection permit.
  2. Pay your permit fees.
  3. Wait for us to validate your permit.
    • Your permit is valid once we process your payment.
  4. Schedule pre-construction meeting with the Sidewalk Inspector.
    • The Sidewalk Inspector is listed on the permit.
  5. An obstruction/Lane use permit is required for each location.
  6. You can begin the work once:
    • Your permit is valid.
    • You had a pre-construction meeting with the Sidewalk Inspector.

More details to know

Cold weather plan

  • You may need a cold weather plan for sidewalk construction work.
  • You'll need one to do concrete work in the right-of-way between October 15th and April 15th.

Learn about cold weather plans


Pedestrian curb ramp design, construction, and repair

Review more information on ADA pedestrian curb:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Repairs

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