Bicycle Advisory Committee

The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) supports all forms of biking and biking safety. The BAC also works toward biking improvements, and involves people interested in biking issues around the city.

The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) is an advisory committee to the Mayor and City Council as well as the Park Board.

It serves as a liaison to bicyclists, businesses, neighborhoods, and other communities and agencies. BAC members are appointees from each ward, three Park Board appointees and voting members representing the City Council, City departments and partner organizations such as Minneapolis Public Schools, Metro Transit and MnDOT All BAC Meetings are open to the public.

The BAC meets monthly as a full committee and has two subcommittees that also meet monthly. If you plan to attend an upcoming meeting, see the calendar links below to confirm the time and location.


Current Openings/Application Process



Committee meetings

Bicycle Advisory Committee

Education, Encouragement, Equity, Engagement and Evaluation Subcommittee (5E's)

Engineering Subcommittee

*Please note that some dates may be different due to holidays. 

Agendas, meetings and resolutions

2021 BAC meeting agendas and minutes

 Month  Agendas  Minutes  Resolutions
 January  Jan Agenda  Jan Minutes
 February  Feb Agenda  Feb Minutes
 March Mar Agenda  Mar Minutes
Franklin W Reconstruction
Hennepin Av South Reconstruction
Lyndale Ave S Median
Public Works Director Search
Travel Demand Management
Resolution on Public Works CIPs 
*See the BAC March Marked Agenda under Addendum*
 April  Apr Agenda  Apr Minutes
 May  May Agenda  May Minutes  
 June  June Agenda  June Minutes
 July  July Agenda  July Minutes  
 August Aug Agenda  Aug Minutes   
 September Sep Agenda  Sep Minutes 
 October Oct Agenda   Oct Minutes  
 November  Nov Agenda  Nov Minutes
 December  Dec Agenda  Dec Minutes

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Matthew Dyrdahl

Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator



Millicent Flowers

Public Works Transportation Planning and Programming Division




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