Sidewalk repair options

The cost of the construction and repair of the public sidewalks in the City of Minneapolis is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

The Sidewalk Inspections office oversees the inspection and repair of public sidewalks.

When property owners receive a sidewalk repair notice, they have two options

  1. Hire a private sidewalk contractor to do the required repairs; or 
  2. Allow the City-hired contractor to repair the sidewalk, and have the City bill for the cost of replacement.  This is the default option; if the property owner does nothing, the work will then default to the City-hired contractor.

(City Ordinance 427)

Private Contractors

  • The sidewalk contractor you hire must obtain a "Sidewalk Construction and Repair Inspection" permit from the Public Works Sidewalk Inspections office before proceeding with the sidewalk repair work.
  • Contractors, please complete the online Sidewalk Construction and Repair Inspection Permit  application.    
  • The contractor must complete the work to the City standard for the work which will be done in the Public Right of Way.   

City-Hired Contractor

  • If the sidewalk repair work is performed by the sidewalk contractor, hired by the City, the Sidewalk Inspections office will bill or assess the property owner for the cost of this work.  This system is designed to simplify the hiring and payment of contractors for residents.
  • The property owner can pay this bill in full or have the cost of the work assessed (as a special assessment) to their property taxes.
  • If the cost is less than $150.00, the property owner pays the assessment in one installment; if the cost is between $150.00 and $1500.00 the assessment is applied in five equal annual installments.  Finally, if the cost is greater than $1500.00, the assessment is applied in 10 equal annual installments. Interest is charged only on the remaining principal; interest rates vary.  The cost of sidewalk work performed by the City's contractor is comparative to a private sidewalk contractor.  The City will bid a contract annually to cover all of the estimated sidewalk work to be completed in that year.  

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