Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Certain food processes require a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan. Here are resources to help you create your plans.

HACCP plans

HACCP plans must be submitted and approved prior to use.

HACCP processes 

Processes include

  • Serving raw or undercooked beef, eggs, fish or poultry
  • Smoking food as part of the cooking process
  • Curing food
  • Adding components to preserve a food or render it not potentially hazardous
  • Using reduced oxygen packaging
  • Operating molluscan shellfish life support system display tanks used to store and display shellfish that are offered for human consumption
  • Removing tags or labels from shellstock when using more than one tagged label or container at a time

Some of these processes have alternatives to a HACCP plan or have additional requirements such as a variance.

Please contact your health inspector or a member of the HACCP Team to help guide you through these requirements.


If you are ready to start working on your HACCP plan, here are resources for you.

Note: The templates below must be changed. Change the template to include the procedures you are using in your HACCP process.

After your plan has been reviewed, you will be inspected to make sure you are following the procedures in your plan. 

All Plans

  • HACCP contents checklist  – List of items required when submitting a plan.
  • HACCP hazard analysis worksheet  – Worksheet provided to do hazard analysis. If you are using a template below, this worksheet is included in the template.
  • HACCP plan form  – Worksheet provided for CCPs. If using a template below, this form is included in the template.
  • FDA HACCP website – Link to HACCP Principles and Application Guidelines.
  • Managing Food Safety: A Manual for the Voluntary Use of HACCP Principles for Operators of Food Service and Retail Establishments.

Reduced oxygen packaging


There are varying ppm requirements for different curing agents based on the method of curing. Contact the HACCP Team if you have questions about which template best fits your product.

  • HACCP plan template - Cured jerky, packaged sale - A plan template for cured jerky that is sold in a package that is not a reduced oxygen package.
  • HACCP plan template - Cured sausage, packaged sale - A plan template for cured sausage that is served.
  • HACCP plan template - Cured sausage, ROP packaged sale - A plan template for cured sausage that is packaged in a reduced oxygen package.



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