Contract negotiations

The City of Minneapolis and the Police Officers union are negotiating a new contract. We are using collective bargaining.
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Get involved

You can can attend a listening session to help inform the City about police contract negotiations.

Translated information

Collective bargaining

The current contract between the City of Minneapolis and the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis is ending soon. A new contract is needed. The process we are using is collective bargaining. State law requires public employers, like Minneapolis, to meet and negotiate on topics deemed by state law to be mandatory subjects of bargaining.

Parties involved

The groups involved with this collective bargaining process includes:

  • The City of Minneapolis
  • Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis (POFM)

Process transparency

The contract must comply with federal, state, and local regulations. The collective bargaining agreement for this process is Chapter 179A (Public Employment Labor Relations Act) of the Minnesota Statutes.

Read Chapter 179A Statute

Information shared

During this process the public is informed of:

  • Public meeting times, dates, and locations (see Minn. Stat. §179A.14)
  • Proposals (public documents only)
  • Supporting documents (when allowed by Minnesota Statue Chapter 13, Government Data Practices)
  • The City of Minneapolis anticipates contract negotiations to begin after October 24th, 2022. When we know the dates, times, and locations we will post them.