Labor Relations

We manage labor agreements and build healthy relationships between management and our workforce.


Labor agreements

Most employees work in a position that is represented by a labor unit. We have over twenty labor agreements with these units.

CMN 911 Unit (MnPEA) CFO Foremens Association
CAT AFSCME Attorneys (#9) CLB Laborers (#363)
CAF AFSCME General Unit (#9) CMA Machinists Lodge (#77)
CAW CPO Police Officers Federation
CBI Building Trades (Inspectors) CPE Professional Employees (MPEA)
CBT Building Trades (Trades Unit) CEN Professional Engineers (Public Works)
CEQ Construction Equipment (IUOE #49) CPT Stagehands/Production Technicians (IATSE #13)
CET Electrical Technicians (#292) CSE Stationary Engineers (IUOE #70)
CEL Electricians (#292) CSU Supervisors Association
CFC Fire Chiefs CTS TEAMSTERS 911 Supervisors (#320)
CFF Fire Fighters (#82) CVT TEAMSTERS Convention Center Custodians (#320)

Labor unit details 

See Labor Unit Details for information on:

  • labor units
  • labor agreement duration
  • lead representatives
  • general updates

Outside trade agreements

We work with some of our labor units for specialized, temporary trades.

CX(1-5) Outside Trades CX(1-5) Outside Trades


Non-represented employees

Some employees work in positions that are not represented by a labor unit.

View salary schedules for:

View Civil Service Rules for non-represented terms and conditions of employment.

Wage Freeze

COVID-19 caused a significant financial impact, which resulted in a wage freeze for non-represented employees. See further information in the Wage Freeze FAQ .


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