You can appeal many types of fines and fees.

Issues you can appeal

Civil Rights

  • Labor Standards Enforcement

Community Planning and Economic Development

  • Business Licensing
  • Construction Code Services
  • Zoning Enforcement


  • Utility Billing


  • Environmental Services
  • Food, Pools, and Lodging
  • Lead & Healthy Homes


  • Police Licensing

Public Works

  • Rainleader Disconnect and Combined Sewer Overflow
  • Solid Waste & Recycling

Regulatory Services

  • Animal Care & Control
  • Inspections Services
  • Traffic Control administrative citations

To appeal traffic and parking tickets, contact the Hennepin County Violations Bureau.


If you're not sure if you can file an appeal for your issue, contact Administrative Hearings.

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File an online appeal

We explain how to submit your administrative citation, special assessment or utility billing appeal using our online form.

Types of appeals

Administrative citation appeal

A City official can issue a citation for violations of:

  • The Minneapolis Code of Ordinances
  • Some Minnesota Rules and Statutes

This is an administrative fine. We issue it instead of a criminal citation.

Usually, a citation follows an order to correct letter, but they can be issued immediately in certain cases. You can appeal a citation within 25 days of the date it was issued.

Note: the City can issue more citations until the order is completed even if you have:

  • Filed an appeal
  • Paid the citation

Special assessment appeal

Before adding a special assessment to a property's taxes, the City must send a Notice of Intent to Assess letter to the:

  • Property owner
  • Property taxpayer
  • Rental property contact

The letter explains the three options for responding. You can:

  • Allow the assessment to go on the property's taxes. It will be payable the following year with 8% interest.
  • Prepay the assessment directly to the City.
  • File an appeal of the assessment.

A special assessment is also sometimes referred to as a levy.

See examples of special assessments

Utility Billing dispute

  • A Utility Billing customer can dispute a bill within 90 days of receiving the bill.
  • The Finance department will investigate the complaint and make an effort to resolve it.
  • If the complaint isn't resolved, it may proceed to a formal complaint and go to a hearing. 

Special assessment examples

Boarded building

If a structure is found to be vacant and open to trespass, or is found to be safety hazard for other reasons, the City can have it boarded up. The cost is then added to the property's taxes.

See Boarded buildings

Nuisance abatement

If conditions on a property are a public nuisance, the City may issue an order to correct. Common nuisance issues include overgrown vegetation, hazardous trees, trash, and inoperable vehicles. If the order isn't completed by the due date, the City may have a contractor take care of the problem.

If a property gets two or more or these orders within one year, notice is no longer required.

The amount charged by the contractor, plus an administrative fee, is added to the property’s taxes.

See property maintenance issues

Unpaid administrative citation

If an administrative citation issued for a violation at a property is not paid or either stayed or dismissed at a hearing, the amount is added to the property’s taxes. A 10% late fee applies to assessed citations.

Assessable citations include those issued by Construction Code Services, Environmental Services, Inspections Services, Public Works, and Zoning Enforcement.

Unpaid reinspection fee

A reinspection fee is issued if an inspector does a reinspection and finds that the violation still exists. If a reinspection fee bill isn’t paid within 30 days, it becomes an assessment. Inspections Services adds a $50 late fee to assessed reinspection fees. The amount is added to the property’s taxes.

Unpaid utility bill

Unpaid balances on utility bills, including disputed charges that remain after a hearing officer's decision, are added to property taxes.

Vacant Building Registration fee

You can appeal the annual Vacant Building Registration (VBR) fee at an assessment hearing.

If a VBR fee is not prepaid or dismissed at a hearing, we add the fee to the property's taxes.

See Vacant Building Registration

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