What we do

We provide financial, resource and asset management services for the City.

We manage the City's money

Our department works with:
  • Financial, resource and asset management services
  • Enterprise partners in decision making to support the City's lasting vibrancy and strength


Division name Division brief Helpful links
Admin/Exec We provide strategic oversight and coordination, human resources and administrative support for the department.  Financial Transparency Platform
Banking, Investments & Debt We manage the City’s Banking and merchant card services, Investments and taxable property backed Debt (BID) Credit Ratings
Budget We are responsible for the management, planning, and oversight of the City’s financial resources and commitments. City Budget
Controller We manage financial and management reports, share information with stakeholders, analyze growth opportunities and coordinate external audits. 

Grants & Special Projects

Financial Reports 

Charitable Gifts & Donations

Development Finance We provide financial management, analysis, planning, and administrative services to City departments, the Chief Financial Officer, and elected officials in support of the City’s economic development and housing policies, objectives, programs, and projects. Local Use Tax 
Payroll We pay City employees a fair and equitable salary.

Automated Employee & Salary Verification

Procurement We assist the city departments in their purchases and contracting needs and in the timely payment of invoices.    

Doing Business with the City


Property Services We provide safe and equitable working environments for all City employees, their clients and visiting members of the public.  

Public Service Building

Building Locations 

Risk Management & Claims We give power to City leadership and staff to achieve goals through proactive risk identification, mitigation and acceptance. Risk Management & Claims 
Utility Billing

We explain how utility billing works, ways to pay and more.

Utility Billing

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Finance & Property Services Department


Physical Address
Public Service Center
250 S. Fourth St., Room 401
Minneapolis, MN 55415
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City Hall
350 S. Fifth St., Room 325M
Minneapolis, MN 55415