Automated employee and salary verification

Our employees and verifiers have access to a secure, automated employment and salary verification service

We make it easy to verify employment

The City of Minneapolis offers a secure automated employee verification service available to its employees online and by telephone.

The City has contracted with THE WORK NUMBER®, a service of TALX Corporation, to provide this secure automated verification that allows for the verification of employment and salary (with explicit permission of the employee) within a matter of minutes. 

This fast, secure service can be used for mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications, and apartment leases; anything that requires proof of employment. This service is quick, accurate and easy.

This service is currently not being offered to States and Social Service agencies through THE WORK NUMBER®

Contact Central Payroll for more information


THE WORK NUMBER® will provide employment verifications for all employees paid by the City of Minneapolis, using data from payroll files. The information will allow TALX to provide:

  • Name
  • Most recent hire date
  • Termination date (if no longer employed – data stored 2001 and beyond)
  • Total time with City of Minneapolis
  • Job title
  • Rate of Pay (All salary information requires additional permission from employee)
  • Gross earnings for current year to date, including base pay, and overtime
  • Gross earning for last year and two years past, including base pay, and overtime


The process of obtaining employment and salary information through THE WORK NUMBER® is easy.

1. City of Minneapolis Payroll provides updated employment and salary information files to The Work Number® after each payroll cycle.

2. The employee provides the verifier his/her social security number, our company code11468 and a Salary Key (if the verifier requires salary verification only).

3. The verifier contacts THE WORK NUMBER®, and enters the company code (11468), the employee's SSN, and the Salary Key (if they are requesting salary information).*

*Verifiers need to register first and pay a fee for each transaction. The Salary Key can be provided only by the employee who will require a PIN number (information on generating a salary key is available on The Work Number Employees Page or by calling 1-800-EMP-AUTH). Each Salary Key is good for one income verification only.

4. The Internet displays/service voices the information. If the verifier accesses the data via the website, he/she is able to print a copy of the verification from his/her desktop. If the caller enters a fax number at the phone prompt, the system automatically sends a fax with all the information.

States and agencies use a different process

States and agencies needing verifications must still contact the City of Minneapolis. We are currently not offering this service through THE WORK NUMBER®.

Please contact Central Payroll at (612) 673-2400.


The verifiers will pay a fee to receive employment and/or salary information. Typically, this charge will be less than $10 per verification. The practice of paying a fee for employment verification is widely accepted and generally taken from the loan-processing fee that most lending institutions or property managers charge for loan or rental applications. Our employees are not directly charged any additional fees for this service.

If you receive any questions regarding the fees or services of THE WORK NUMBER®, contact their Customer Service Team at 1-800-996-7566. It is not your responsibility to explain how these procedures work to verifiers.

Hear a demo

To hear a demonstration of this system, call 1-800-748-3366 and follow the prompts. The City of Minneapolis code is 11468. You will also need your social security number. You may also get more information at If you have questions about this system, please call THE WORK NUMBER® Customer Service Team at 1-800-996-7566.


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