Police officer complaint review process

We review your complaint and recommend one of four actions.


  • You and the officer or officers involved meet with a mediator.
  • The goal is to resolve the situation.
Supervisor Review

Supervisor review

  • The complaint is forwarded to the person who supervises the officer(s).
  • Any action takes place at the precinct level.


  • The complaint does not describe a violation.
  • Your complaint is not about a Minneapolis police officer.


If we recommend an investigation

We assign your case to either a civilian or a sworn police investigator, based on the complaint.

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After the investigation

Two civilians and two sworn officers from the Police Conduct Review Panel review the results.

  • They make a recommendation to the Minneapolis Police Chief.
  • The Police Chief determines the disciplilne.

If the Police Conduct Review Panel determines your case has no merit

  • You have 15 days to appeal their decision.
  • The final disciplinary decision is
    • Made the Chief of Police.
    • Subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practice Act

See who serves on the Police Conduct Review Panel

More details

If you have been charged with a crime

  • Fililng a police misconduct complaint with our office will not affect your case.

We do not

  • Provide legal advice or representation
  • Issue financial reimbursement as a result of a completed investigation
  • Handle property damage claims

If your property was damaged by the police and you want to file a claim, contact Risk Management.

Risk Management




Complaint process

We outline the process for filing complaints about police officers.

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