Security personnel for events

As an event organizer, you are responsible for the people and physical area at your event.

Event organizers

At your event, you are responsible for:

  • The safety and security of the people and
  • The security of the physical area

You must provide security personnel if:

  • You are selling or serving alcoholic beverages or
  • Your event is in a public space. This includes sidewalks, streets, parks, or public buildings.

Security personnel factors:

  • Size of event
  • Time of day or night
  • Location
  • Alcohol use
  • Entertainment and activities

Security personnel defined

Minneapolis off-duty police officers are responsible for maintaining peace and security during your event. They remain mobile throughout the event.

They are effective at:

  • Securing valuables or currency
  • Monitoring alcohol use
  • Resolving conflicts

Licensed private security officers are not armed. They do not have any police powers. Typical duties include:

  • Controlling crowds
  • Parking enforcement
  • Checking ID of guests
  • Overseeing the safety of your event

Volunteers and employees can assist security staff. They should not be responsible for security details. Typical duties include:

  • Registration
  • Escorting guests
  • Selling merchandise

Minneapolis traffic control agents or off-duty Minneapolis police officers direct traffic. This includes all intersections with:

  • Stop sign
  • Yield sign
  • Traffic light

You may need to reroute traffic as part of your plan. See Minneapolis Code of Ordinances (MCO) 466.140.  

Read MCO 466.140

Event organizers pay the costs for all security personnel.

Security personnel to attendee ratio

  • 1:500 ratio when serving intoxicating beverages
  • 1:1000 ratio if you are not serving intoxicating beverages

Your event may need more security staff.  

See the Security Personnel chart 

Security plan

You must prepare a special events security plan for all:

See Special events security plan

The Minneapolis Block Event and Special Event Committee (BESE) reviews your application. This includes your security plan. They look at the impact on local traffic and health or safety risks. They may limit:

  • Hours
  • Traffic
  • Use of the street
  • Alcohol use
  • Sound levels
  • Number or type of blockades

If changes are necessary, a member of the BESE Committee will contact you. After you address concerns, BESE submits the application to City Council for approval.

Hiring security personnel

  • Private licensed security company
  • Employees or volunteers
  • Minneapolis Police Officers: You may hire off-duty officers as independent contractors for special events.
    • Officers may use marked squads when available. Officers work in full MPD uniform. Officers working off-duty may respond to police calls. This is the same as when they are working on-duty.
    • The event organizer pays the costs of hiring off-duty officers.
    • A Lead Officer will tell you the hourly rate of pay and hours for each officer. Generally, there is a four-hour minimum.  
    • Scheduling: Contact Sgt. Beth Mota
    • See the Minneapolis Police Department's policies about hiring of off duty police: MPD Policy and Procedures Manual, Section 3-801: Off Duty Employment
  • Traffic Control Agents: Email Beth Mota or call her at 612-673-3942 about scheduling.


For more information, contact Sgt. Beth Mota

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