Launch your new business

Get ready to open your doors to the public.

Launching milestones

We explain the milestones in the business launch process.


Connect with a small business consultant

Building a relationship with a small business consultant can be a crucial step in your journey as an entrepreneur. As you prepare to open your business, the Minneapolis Business Technical Assistance Program (B-TAP) provides:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Advice

Find out if you qualify for the Small Business Technical Assistance Program (B-TAP)


Identify available properties


Review American with Disability Act (ADA) guidelines

Make sure the location you’ve chosen:

  • Is accessible
  • Meets all ADA requirements

Get ADA information and assistance from the State of Minnesota


Find out if your location allows your business type

Different business types are only allowed in certain parts of the city. It is illegal to run a business in a building that is not permitted or zoned for that type of activity. Zoning is the first stop for anyone who wants to know if their proposed use of a building is allowed.

To check zoning requirements for your property and whether you need a zoning variance, contact the Development Services Customer Service Center.


Request Sewer Availability Charge (SAC)

You may have to pay a fee for the waste water from your business.

SAC fee application process:

  1. Apply for your SAC fee early. This fee can be expensive. 
  2. After you apply, the Metropolitan Council will send you a SAC determination letter in 10 to 15 days. This letter will tell you your SAC fee.  

Apply online for your SAC fee

Find out if you qualify for the City's SAC deferral program for small businesses.

Read about SAC basics


See tips for drafting your lease


Register your business with the State


Learn what you need to be covered


Apply for and post your business license

Apply for a business license

See Minneapolis business licenses

Post all required materials

You must post the following in your business:

  • Your business license
  • Occupant load
  • Required state labor law permits and posters 

Download free posters from the State of Minnesota


Find out about the required permits

Construction and site plans

See Buildings and Permits

Business sign or awning

Make sure your business follows size and location requirements. If you don’t own your building, work with your landlord to put up a new sign or awning. Sign permits are only issued to sign contractors licensed by the City.

Know the sign permits rules


Understand the final inspection process

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