Open a business

We explain the final inspection process to open your business.

Prepare to open

Before you can open and begin operating your business, all City departments relevant to your business must sign off that you have met the requirements. Your Development Coordinator at Minneapolis Development Review will be your point person to make sure that all department sign-offs have been received and your business is ready to open to the public.

Inspections process

Depending on your business type - home-based or brick-and-mortar, brand-new business or taking over an existing business, whether you are making any renovations, and whether you'll be serving food or alcohol - your business may require multiple inspections before you can open.

Inspections are required by State law and City ordinance to make sure that your business meets safety requirements, complies with State law and City codes, and follows the approved plan.

Types of inspections

Business licensing inspection

If your business requires a City business license, you will have an assigned Business Licensing inspector for the ward where your business is located. Your licensing inspector is a good contact person for licensing-related questions throughout the process. They will also be the person who inspects your business before you open, and who conducts your regular inspections after you open.

Licenses & Consumer Services Inspector Assignment Map

Preparing Your Business Licensing Inspections

Certificate of Occupancy inspection

A City inspector will inspect any work for which you have a permit to ensure that it has been completed safely and according to your approved plan. Once all work for which you have permits is complete, you will need a Certificate of Occupancy inspection. A Certificate of Occupancy is a document that gives authorization for a new or renovated building to be occupied, saying that it is safe and structurally sound. To schedule a certificate of occupancy inspection, call Construction Code Services to request the inspection at least 20 business days before you plan to open.

Contact Construction Code Services for a Certificate of Occupancy

Environmental Health inspection

If your business involves anything from the following list you will need to have an Environmental Health inspection to make sure you are meeting public health requirements.

  • Serving food, liquor or beer
  • Public pools
  • Hotel or other lodging establishment
  • Tanning salon or tattoo parlor
  • Dry cleaning or laundry facility

Your Development Coordinator will share the information from your business license application with your Health inspector and take care of scheduling a Health inspection if needed before you open.

Food safety inspection videos

Fire Inspections Services

Fire Inspections Services (FIS) conducts regular inspections and issues permits to business owners who have hazardous chemicals or materials stored on their property, who make changes to the fire and life safety systems in their buildings (such as smoke detectors and sprinklers), and who have commercial hoods in their kitchens. A FIS inspector will issue a determination of the maximum number of people allowed in your space, which must be posted along with your Certificate of Occupancy and business license.

Fire Inspections Services

Electrical inspections

Electrical work performed under a State electrical permit will need a State inspection and approval. The City of Minneapolis does not schedule with the State electrical inspector.

State of Minnesota Electrical Permits

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