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We provide information regarding the Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) program, SAC charges and SAC deferral program for customers.


Sewer Availability Charge, or SAC, is a one-time fee that communities pay to Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) when a residence or business connects to the metropolitan disposal system for the first time. Communities also pay SAC when a business grows or changes the use of its space if the change creates more potential demand on the system. SAC is not a connection fee. It is for sewer capacity availability in the metro wastewater system. The SAC program has been in place since 1973.

SAC determination

A SAC determination is a calculation of SAC unit(s) assigned to a given property. This represents the maximum capacity likely to be used by the business or development.

Who needs to get a SAC determination?

  • Any new residential, 3 units and above or any existing building adding units.
  • All commercial, institutional, or industrial property connecting to the Metropolitan Wastewater System for the first time or modifying the use of an existing property.
  • Food Establishments when changing kitchen equipment, expanding, upgrading, or applying for a new food/liquor license.
  • Demolition (Wrecking) of any residential building, 3 units and above, and all commercial and industrial properties.

How SAC is calculated

  • Residential Properties, a single-family residence is charged one SAC unit, a base unit. Each unit in a duplex, apartment, townhouse or condominium is considered a singlefamily dwelling.
  • Commercial Properties calculations vary from business type and size. However, formulas are based on estimated maximum potential daily wastewater flow proportionate to 274 gallons per day.
  • Food Establishments are assessed 1 SAC unit for every 300 square feet.
  • Industrial Properties SAC has two components: the first is the commercial criteria; the second is the maximum daily industrial process wastewater flow.


The City of Minneapolis collects the SAC fees on behalf of MCES from the applicant, usually during the permit or business licensing process.

Local Governments may charge an additional administration fees. However, the City of Minneapolis does not add any additional fees to the SAC charge.

The SAC unit rate, as set by the Met Council, is $2,485.

SAC Deferral Program

To promote business development, MCES and the City of Minneapolis provides the option to participate in the SAC Deferral Program to defer some SAC payment obligations. This option allows deferral of up to 70% of SAC due. Businesses allowed to participate are those where a new SAC determination of 25 or fewer SAC units occurs (total charge before credits).

MCES SAC Determination question and submission

MCES conducts SAC determinations upon request, and will make the final decision regarding the number of SAC units to assess. 

Visit the MCES website to learn more


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