Ways to earn wellness points

There are a wide variety of ways you can earn points in the My Health Rewards program. You can improve your health and earn rewards. This page lists many of the ways you can earn points.

2023 Health actions

Biometric screening (1000 - 2000 points) Go to a work-site screening event, your doctor, or use another approved provider. Earn 1000 points for attending and 250 points for each test in the normal range. You'll find the schedule of onsite events and instructions in the Health tab on the Virgin Pulse site or app. Screenings MUST be completed no later than July 31 to ensure you will receive points by the August 31 deadline.

Daily Learning Cards (20 points per card, 2 cards per day) Visit Topics of Interest in the Profile section of the Virgin Pulse website or app to choose the areas you'd like to work on. Then, each time you check into the site or app, you'll get tips an information on those topics.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  Visit the Benefits tab to earn 250 points for learning about how the EAP can help you tackle tough personal, financial or legal concerns.

Foodsmart by Zipongo NEW! Healthy eating is simple and affordable with Foodsmart's nutrition and recipe tools.

Journeys (Points vary)These self guided courses will help you reach your health goals. You'll earn 15 points for each step within a Journey and 250 points for competing an entire Journey. you may complete a maximum of one Journey per quarter.

Health assessment (1000 points) This brief, confidential questionnaire takes a snapshot of your health across seven domains - such as fitness nutrition and mental health - and recommends actions you can take to improve your scores.

Health & wellness class (250 points class, maximum 1000 points per year) Visit the Benefits tab on the Virgin Pulse member site or app to report the dates of City-sponsored wellness classes or programs you attend prior to August 31, 2022. Classes are in the process of being scheduled.

Healthy habits (10 points per habit, maximum 30 points per day) Choose an activity that interests you, then work on it a little bit every day – while you earn points. Over time, small steps add up to big changes that can improve your health. Access Healthy Habits right from the Virgin Pulse homepage or screen.

Hello Heart  If your blood pressure is 130/80 or higher, or you take a blood pressure medication, you can enroll in this program to receive a free wireless blood pressure monitor that connects to an app on your smartphone. Get instand feedback on what your numbers mean and how you're doing. You'll also get tips on managing your blood pressure.

Media library NEW! (50 points max) Watch or listen to new fitness, mindfulness and meditation videos in the Media tab.

Monj (50 points per class and 200 points per skill) Improve the way you eat through an online food and lifestyle program. Visit the Benefits tab on the Virgin Pulse member site or app to set up a Monj profile for 100 points.

My Care Checklist (250 points per recommended service) This includes many of the preventive health visits previously in the program plus more! Visit the Health tab on the Virgin Pulse website or app to review a list of preventive care services that are recommended based on your sex and age. Earn points for being up-to-date on vaccinations, dental exams, eye exams, physicals and cancer screenings, such as a colonoscopy, prostate exam, Pap test or mammogram.

Next-Steps Consult® (500 points) Complete a 15-minute phone call with a trained health educator who will review your Health Assessment responses and recommend health improvement opportunities for you.

Nutrition and sleep guides (Points vary) Earn points while learning how to improve your eating and sleeping habits. Find both guides in the Benefits tab of the Virgin Pulse site or app.

Ovia Pregnancy app (Point values vary) Tap into personalized guidance and coaching to support a healthy pregnancy.

Sanvello mental health app NEW! (250 points) This tool provides on-demand help for stress, depression and anxiety. Visit the Benefits tabmof the Virgin Pulse website or app for free access to the premium version of the Sanvello app and to attest that you’re aware of this resource. Note: You’ll need to enter your Medica group number and member ID number to register on the Sanvello app, so be sure your ID card is handy for your first visit.

Stats (Points vary) Steps, calories, sleep – track one, two or all three! Track manually or sync your personal fitness tracker to get credit for sleep and steps. For details, see the Devices and Apps page in the Profile section of the Virgin Pulse website or app. To track calories, connect your Virgin Pulse account to the MyFitnessPal app – it’s free in the App Store or Google Play.

20-Day Triple Tracker NEW! Connect a fitness tracker to earn a $5 bonus for reaching one or more of the following goals on 20 or more days in a calendar month: 7,000 steps, 15 active minute, or 15 workout minutes.

Virtual care (250 points) Visit the Benefits tab on the Virgin Pulse site or app to pledge that you understand your virtual care options.

Volunteer (250 points) Visit the Benefits tab on the Virgin Pulse member site or app to report any date on which you volunteered in the community between September 1, 2021, and August 31, 2022.

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