Stride wellness program

Support employee health, wellbeing and belonging.

Stride wellness program and committee

The Stride committee started in 2008 with the purpose to engage employees and inspire healthy changes for their lifestyle, to improve overall wellbeing and thrive at work. The committee is made up of representatives from City departments, that meet once a month to create and support a healthy workplace. Employees may volunteer to serve or be recommended by a supervisor or manager.

The role of the committee member is to:

  • Create and support a health workplace.
  • Plan activities and programming that promote health and wellness among employees.
  • Advocate for worksite policies and environments that support improved health.
  • Serve as leaders and champions of wellness in the department and workplace.
  • Meet once a month and communicate planned events to their departments.

Stride committee members

Leila Aboujouda 

Convention Center 

Trudy Kjenstad

Office of Public Safety

Tina Beech  CPED Amber Lage  Fire 
Erin Benoit  Assessors  Rylee Manner Convention Center 
Vanessa Carr  311 Jennifer Moreno Office of Public Safety
Monique Fish  Public Works Molly Raymond  Human Resources 
Amy Friedman Human Resources  Grade Rude Health 
Eric Hagel  Police  Leda Schuster  Health 
Laura Holt Finance and Property Services  Melody West  Human Resources 
Charlie Ito


Meg Zopelis 


Grant Johnson

City Clerk



Jefferson Kendall 




See the Health and wellness classes for upcoming and past activities and events.

Are you interested in wellness or the committee? Email Melody West, Leda Schuster or Amy Friedman with questions.

Data Practices Advisory – 2024 Wellness Week Survey

The purpose of this survey is to gather your input on activities that employees at the City of Minneapolis and the Park Board might find helpful during the 2024 wellness week, and to identify ways to encourage participation in the week’s activities.

Your responses to the survey questions will remain private. Your individual responses will be received only by the City’s vendor, Perceptyx, who will use your individual responses and other personally-identifying data (including, for example, your department, supervisor, and bargaining unit) to provide summary data to the City. Perceptyx will also match your individual responses with available demographic data from the City of Minneapolis Enterprise Technology (COMET) system, to permit analysis of the survey results by reported ethnicity, gender, and age grouping.*

Your individual responses will not be available or reported to anyone within the City, including the management of your department.

Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary. If you decide you do not want to complete the survey or decide that you do not want to respond to one or more of the questions, the only consequence is that the City will not have the benefit of your input.

The following may have access to aggregate information supplied as part of My Minneapolis Mini: 1. Appropriate supervisors, administrators and leaders from City departments. 2. Policy Makers including Elected Officials. 3. Persons or entities authorized by state or federal law.

* Reported ethnicity and gender include the ethnic groups and gender you have voluntarily self-identified in COMET, if any. Age groups are calculated based on your date of birth.