Our commitment to renters

We want to make sure that all Minneapolis renters have access to safe and healthy housing.


People who rent homes are important members of our community. Renters make up more than half of the population in Minneapolis.

To help renters, the City Council, Mayor and City staff have teamed up with community members and partners.

We want to make sure that renters:

  • Have safe and healthy housing
  • Understand their legal rights
  • Are free from discrimination and threats
  • Have better access to rental housing
  • Have protection from losing their housing
two people in new home with packing boxes


Renter protections

The City has a growing body of work to address the challenges renters face. This includes many renter protections in the City housing code, such as:

  • Protection from retaliation
  • Notice of:
    • Entry
    • Environmental testing
    • Pending foreclosure or contract for deed cancellation
  • Information about:
    • Voter registration
    • Application criteria before charging a fee

See the City housing code Chapter 244


Minneapolis Advisory Committee on Housing

The 21-member advisory committee gives feedback on housing policy to:

  • The City Council
  • The Mayor’s office
  • City departments

The committee meets monthly to discuss many housing issues that affect City residents.

Read about the Minneapolis Advisory Committee on Housing

Affordable housing


The City provides funding for:

  • Affordable housing:
    • Building new housing
    • Keeping current housing affordable housing each year
    • Funding programs to end racial disparities in homeownership
  • Homeownership opportunities
  • Homelessness efforts


Preserving Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH)

Our programs support buildings where rent is affordable:

Inclusionary Zoning

Inclusionary Zoning creates housing for low and moderate-income households.

apartment building

Mayor support for affordable housing

Mayor Frey has made affordable housing a top priority. He believes that all residents should have access to affordable housing.

Eviction support for renters

Research shows that renters who get legal help have better outcomes in:

  • Evictions
  • Rent escrow actions

The City supports renters and their right to live in safe, quality housing.

See Renter resources

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