Discrimination complaint overview

The City encourages you to report discrimination. Find out what you should know.


We explain what you need to know about discrimination complaints:

You can file even if you are not sure we can investigate

You can file a complaint even if you are not sure whether City law covers your issue.

If our office cannot investigate your complaint, we can still:

  • Guide you to where a complaint can be filed
  • Help you find resources
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Discrimination video

We explain what discrimination is under City law and what you need to know when filing a civil rights complaint. The video is available in four languages.

Who can and why to file

Who can file a complaint of discrimination

Anyone who is experiencing or has experienced discrimination because of their protected class within the:

  • City of Minneapolis
  • Last 365 days

Protected class refers to elements of a person’s identity they cannot or should not be asked to change, such as:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation

And more.

Why you should file a complaint of discrimination

The City takes discrimination seriously. If you believe you have experienced discrimination, we encourage you to file a complaint

When you file:

  • The Civil Rights Department documents your complaint.
  • The City becomes aware of possible discrimination.
  • There is no cost. Filing a complaint and the process that follows are free services.
  • We conduct a neutral, impartial investigation.

Our complaint form is available in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Lao and Oromo.

File a discrimination complaint

What we can investigate

Location and timing

We can investigate a complaint of discrimination if it is: 

  • Within Minneapolis city limits
  • Filed within 365 days of the alleged incident

What are protected classes

We investigate discrimination based on what is considered a protected class.

Under City law, protected classes include:

Race Color
Religion  Ancestry
National Origin  Sex 
Sexual orientation Gender identity 
Disability  Age 
Marital status Familial status (e.g., having children)
Status with regard to a public assistance program Retaliation for reporting discrimination

Read the Minneapolis Civil Rights ordinance

Where are you protected

You can file a complaint if you experience discrimination in any of these common areas:

Business Employment
Housing Lending
Education Professional organizations
Public accommodations (e.g., a shop or gym)  Labor union membership
Public Services (e.g., City employees such as police, housing inspectors)  

Next steps

Information about filing a discrimination complaint

It’s important to document the discrimination:

  • Write down details: Write down details close to the time it occurred, while it’s fresh in your memory.
  • Keep track of dates and times: Try to keep track of the dates and times of events.
  • Keep documentation: Keep relevant emails, text messages, voicemails, letters, photos and videos.
  • Get witness information: If there are witnesses to your experience:
    • Ask them to write down what they saw.
    • Get their contact information.

What to expect after you file a complaint

We review your complaint

  • An intake officer will contact you to get more information.
  • Civil Rights staff may be able to help draft a charge of discrimination. This is a legal document that explains your experience.  
  • If we can’t investigate your case, the intake officer will help connect you to other resources.

Your complaint may become a charge

If we draft a charge of discrimination, the alleged discriminator must either:  

  • Attend a mediation session, where you could reach a resolution together, or
  • Submit a response to the charges filed against them, so we can investigate

Know the details of the complaint process

Questions or concerns

This information is a general overview of the process. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Complaint Investigations Division.

Contact the Complaint Investigations Division

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