Travel Policy

See the policy and procedures for traveling for City business.

Before you go

  1. Review the City travel procedures.

  2. Contact your Department Travel Coordinator for help with determining the cost of the trip.
  3. For overnight travel complete Travel Authorization Form .
  4. For travel pre-paid by the City, have your Department Travel Coordinator book the travel on the City Travel Card.
  5. For travel that is not pre-paid by the City, use an incorporated travel agency or secured internet site and use your personal credit card. You may also book travel directly with a reputable travel provider by telephone, using your personal credit card. Obtain a printed receipt for use when seeking reimbursement through the travel expense report.
  6. Travel advances are strongly discouraged. However, if you are unable to travel without a travel advance, you may request authorization from your department head. You will need to complete and sign a Travel Advance Request. Requests should be made two weeks prior to departure and submitted to Finance Accounting staff. Checks will be given out the Friday prior to departure. Travel Advance Request Form .
  7. Leave phone numbers where you can be reached, while away from the City.
  8. Review the policies and resources.

While you're away

  1. Use the city phone number (1-800-348-MPLS) to call your office. These calls are considerably cheaper than calling collect or with a calling card.
  2. Save all the receipts required for your travel expense reimbursement request.
  3. Get a hotel receipt showing payment when you check out. Express check out slips are not valid receipts and you will have to wait for your credit card statement, canceled check, or for the hotel to mail you a receipt, before you can file your travel expense reimbursement request.
  4. Save your conference agenda. This will verify attendance and will list meals you need to deduct from the maximum allowable for meals & misc., for your Travel Expense Reimbursement Request form.
  5. Save the last page (passenger copy) in your airfare booklet.

When you return

  1. Fill out a Travel Expense Reimbursement Request form. Include all necessary receipts and agendas. If you are missing anything, write a note on the forms. A Travel Expense Reimbursement Request form must be submitted to the Payroll Department even if the traveler is not claiming any reimbursement.
  2. Forms must be turned in to Finance – Payroll within 45 days from return of travel. The reimbursement will be made on a subsequent payroll disbursement.
  3. If you have questions, please contact us.

Traveling on City business

Learn how to plan your travel and submit reimbursement forms.

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