Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy (Reasonable Suspicion)

This policy establishes rules for conducting drug or alcohol testing on City employees.


Applies To

Departments: All departments under the jurisdiction of the Mayor and City Council.

Employees: Classified, appointed, politically appointed or temporary employees under the jurisdiction of the Mayor and City Council. In cases where current labor agreements apply, drug and alcohol testing will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of those contracts. Thus, it is extremely important to check the applicable labor agreement for procedures that may supersede what are outlined in the policy and procedures referenced here.

This policy does not apply to employees subject to testing pursuant to federal regulations that specifically preempt state regulation of drug and alcohol testing. This policy does not apply to Elected Officials, Student Interns and Summer Youth Workers.


Establishes policy, roles and responsibilities for conducting drug & alcohol testing on individuals suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or using controlled substances without legitimate medical explanation.

The policy outlines Roles and Responsibilities, Work Rules, Persons Subject to Testing, Circumstances for Drug and Alcohol Testing, Refusal to Undergo Testing, Procedure for Testing, Rights of Employees, Action After Test, Data Privacy, Appeals Procedures, Employee Assistance Distribution and Definitions.


Council Approval: July 31, 2009

Effective: August 8, 2009 

Last Revision: July 31, 2009


drug abuse, drug and alcohol testing, chemical dependency, discipline, drug-free workplace, positive test result, reasonable suspicion, rights, substance abuse, under the influence, alcohol, drug, appeals procedure


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