Visitor permits details

You can learn details about visitor permits.

Visitor permits

Visitor and service permits are now under one category - the visitor permit. Residents are now allowed 2 visitor permits per household. Businesses can buy up to 2 critical parking permits. Businesses can no longer buy visitor permits.

How to buy the permits

You can buy visitor permits online. You can also apply and pay by mail or in person.

Apply for a permit

What to know

You must assign permits to a specific vehicle.

Ways you can reassign and update a permit:

Visitor permit rules

  • You cannot resell permits.
  • Visitor permits are optional. Vehicles without permits must follow posted parking restrictions.
  • Only one vehicle may be assigned to a permit at any given time.
  • You can buy visitor permits even if you do not buy a permit for yourself.

Where you cannot buy visitor permits

If you live in a critical parking area, you can buy permits for visitors or service people. Still, there are a few areas where you cannot buy visitor permits.

Critical parking areas where you cannot buy visitor permits:

  • 7
  • 9
  • 10

Critical parking area map

Permit fees and when they expire

Permit typeFeeValid for
New or renewal $25 1 calendar year
Visitor $10 1 calendar year
Temporary (2-30 days) $5 2 to 30 days
Temporary (1 day) $2 1 day

Other fees

An extra $10 setup fee applies during the first year of a critical parking area.

Buy critical parking permits

Amount of permits you can buy


Permit typeAmount you can buy each year
Critical parking 2 per licensed resident
Visitor 2 per residence
Temporary (1 - 30 day) 50 per licensed resident


Businesses are limited to 2 critical parking permits, per unique address, within each critical parking area. Businesses cannot use visitor permits.

Extra permit limits

Some critical parking areas have extra limitations. Check with Parking Services to see what's available in your area.

Contact Parking Services

Manage your critical parking permit

You can buy, change or transfer a critical parking permit by logging into your account.

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