Restaurants and other businesses that prepare or serve food at an event must be licensed by the City.


Caterers prepare or serve food, or both, at private events with a predetermined guest list.

Event examples:  

  • Receptions
  • Parties
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Trade shows

What to know

  • If you serve or plate food on-site, you need a catering license.
  • Caterers may not cook or prepare food on-site.
  • If you serve alcohol, you also must have a Liquor Caterers license.
  • You do not need a license for food delivery, such as:
    • Box lunches
    • Pizza

Before you begin 

Look at our information about:  


Caterers must:

  • Avoid selling individual meals or foods. Companies may use a licensed caterer to provide meals for employees, tenants, or guests.
  • Use a vehicle which meets all the requirements when transporting food. You must have a vehicle inspection. See the fee for the vehicle inspection  
  • Keep the food service area restricted to only employees, tenants, and guests. It may not be open to the general public. 
  • Use approved food transport containers.
  • Have temporary handwashing in the food service area.
  • Record some employee illnesses:

Food safety

You are responsible for food safety. This includes control of food from preparation to serving customers.

See City and State food safety resources:


Catering businesses in Minneapolis must be licensed. 

See Caterer Application

Businesses with a restaurant or an on-sale alcohol license in Minneapolis

If your business already has a restaurant or on-sale alcohol license from the City and you want to add catering, use the Caterer, Add a license application. You must have the same ownership and kitchen.

See Caterer, Add a License Application


Find your license fee

Submit your application

Submit your application to Business Licenses & Consumer Services

If you have questions, contact:

Food plan review

You must submit plans to: 

  • Open a new food or alcohol business, including:
    • Food carts
    • Food kiosks
    • Food trucks 
  • Remodel or expand an existing food or alcohol business 
  • Replace food equipment that needs any of these permits for installation:
    • Gas
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing  
  • Add ventless cooking equipment or ventless hoods  

The City must approve your plans before you start any work.   

See Food plan review

More information


Report a complaint about a food or restaurant business


Your food handling methods determine how often the City will inspect your business.


The information on this page should serve as a guideline only.

two people on their wedding day

Liquor catering license

A food catering business that serves alcohol at events needs a license from the City.

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