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Watch our videos on preventing wasted food.

What to know

We have four videos to help restaurants prevent wasted food:


Prevent Wasted Food in Minneapolis: Why it Matters

Restaurants in Minneapolis create 30% of the city’s food waste. Minneapolis restaurants can help through simple kitchen changes, donating to food shelves, and composting. (1:09)

Prevent Wasted Food in Minneapolis: Getting Started

As restaurant workers prepare food, some may not realize how much will be wasted.

  • By keeping food from going to waste, you can save your restaurant money.
  • On average, every dollar your restaurant spends on preventing wasted food will save seven dollars.


Prevent Wasted Food in Minneapolis: Donating Prepared Food

Nearly one in five Minneapolis residents do not have consistent access to healthy, affordable food. A great way for restaurants to prevent food waste is to donate unused prepared food that meets safety guidelines to a food bank or shelf. (1:10)

Prevent Wasted Food in Minneapolis: Composting

Every restaurant has food scraps and plate waste, but they don’t belong in the trash. Give them a better use by composting. Composting is a natural process that breaks down food scraps into a beneficial soil amendment. (1:17)

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