Facade Improvement Matching Grant

Commercial property owners in Minneapolis can apply for grants to improve their building facades.


Neighborhood business districts are the front door of Minneapolis neighborhoods. A welcoming, vibrant business district sends a powerful, positive message, just as a poorly maintained or vacant row of storefronts conveys a negative impression.

The Facade Improvement Matching Grant Program helps revitalize and sustain the economic vitality of the city’s commercial districts through public/private investments in façade projects for commercial properties.

Facade improvements make an aesthetic impact, improving the appearance of individual buildings and consequently entire commercial districts.

From 2008–2021, the Great Streets facade program stimulated over $7.3 million of private investment and over $2.9 million of public investment in 1083 façade improvement projects citywide.

Who can apply?

Building owners and commercial tenants (with property owner’s approval) can apply for a Great Streets façade grant if:

  1. the façade improvements are for a commercial business or commercial building, meaning it has a retail or office use AND
  2. they are located within an eligible business district.

How does the program work? What do grants pay for?

The program's Business Guidelines  explain how the program works, what types of improvements are eligible in the program, which are not, and other important information about the program. Read this document carefully before you begin planning your project.

Need design ideas?

The Great Streets Façade Design Guide is a fabulous resource for all commercial property owners and business owners considering façade changes or updates. The encouraged projects listed are eligible for façade grants and the discouraged activities are NOT eligible.

For more information

Facade Grant Service Area Map and administrator contact information  

City Council Staff Reports Recommending Façade Improvement Matching Grant Contracts to the City Council

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