Grant fees

See the City's grant-related fees.

The City of Minneapolis has a grant application processing fee, which must accompany any pre-applications that are submitted to the City in connection with the spring 2024 brownfield grant round.

The fee per project is:

  • $750 for a single investigation or cleanup pre-application
  • $1,125 for two pre-applications
  • $1,500 for three pre-applications

Make your check payable to City of Minneapolis. Email or call Kevin Carroll for delivery instructions.

Please note: Pre-application fees are non-refundable, and shall be retained regardless of whether an application (a) is ultimately submitted to a grantor or (b) results in a grant award. Parties applying directly to Hennepin County’s ERF program may have a higher fee depending on the timing of the application. The City of Minneapolis also has a grant award administration fee in an amount equal to 7% of the amount of any awarded grant(s). Neither grant funds nor City funds may be used to pay this fee. A lower fee (3%) will be applied to housing projects that comply with the City’s Affordable Housing Policy (20% or more of the housing units at or below 60% of the Area Median Income) and commercial/industrial projects located within areas designated as "eligible priority" by the Great Streets Neighborhood Business District Program. For projects in compliance with the City’s Affordable Housing Policy, the grant award administration fee is due at the time of closing with the project’s primary lender. For all other projects, the grant award administration fee is due when the Funding Agreement between the City and the developer is executed. Awarded grant funds are not available until the project is fully funded and ready to begin construction.

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