Administrative decisions

We explain the types of decisions and how to appeal.

Types of decisions

The decision may be one or a combination of the orders listed below.

  • Imposed – If the administrative hearing officer finds that the City followed ordinances, statutes, and rules, the citation or assessment may be imposed, which means that it must be paid. Citation payments are due within thirty days of the hearing, unless otherwise stated by the administrative hearing officer, while assessment payments are due by the end of the levy year. In 2024, the assessment payment deadline is November 22.
  • Reduced – The administrative hearing officer also has the ability to impose a reduced amount.
  • Stayed – The administrative hearing officer may impose a citation but, for a variety of reasons, stay it. This means that the citation, or part of the citation, wouldn't need to be paid, often under certain conditions. Please note that if all conditions of the stay aren't met, the stayed amount would need to be paid.
  • Dismissed – The administrative hearing officer may dismiss the issue, meaning that the City failed to meet the burden of proof, and no payment is due.

Appealing a decision

If you disagree with the decision of the administrative hearing officer, you can appeal it to a higher court. Due dates and timelines are important in the filing process, so make sure to contact the courts quickly.

Administrative citations

Decisions from administrative citation hearings are appealable to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Information can be found at the Minnesota Court of Appeals website, or by calling them at (651) 296-2581.

Special assessments

Decisions from special assessment hearings are appealable in Hennepin County District Court. At the end of each levy year, the Minneapolis City Council votes to certify the year's assessments. In 2024, that meeting is on November 14. Within thirty days of that date, a notice of appeal must be served upon the Mayor or City Clerk of Minneapolis, and within ten days of serving notice upon the City, a second notice must be filed with the Court Administrator of the District Court. More information can be found at the Hennepin County District Court website, or by calling them at (612) 348-6000.

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