Group Fitness Classes

Information about group fitness classes, including schedule

Group fitness classes

The fitness center in the Public Service Center, open to all employees, has several fitness classes each week. 

Class Schedule

Fitness Center Exercise Calendar December 2022

Class descriptions

Mind & Body: A relaxing meditation class to ease stress and restore a sense of balance to your life. 

Virtual Mind/Body: Via Teams I will take you through the same experience as an in person meditation class would all from your desk.

Stretch: Stretching is great to increase flexibility and relaxation. Come join us and use this class as a cool down from your workout or to get some blood flowing back through the body.

Virtual Desk Stretch Break: Some days we can’t step away from our desk, or we need some easy movements to get the blood flowing during the day and help to loosen the body. Via Teams we will take this break together, where I will lead you through some easy and relaxing stretches to do at your desk.

Core Training: Having a strong core is essential to a well-balanced fitness program. This 15-minute workout uses a variety of abdominal and back exercises to improve your core body strength.

Circuit: Each class will be different from one to the next. Bringing a combination of strength and cardio together, to build strength, increase endurance, and have a lot of fun all while getting in a great workout.

Step: Challenge your cardiovascular endurance with this fun and energetic class. This classic fitness style will take you through creative combinations to step your way to a great workout.

Walking Group: This new walking group meets once a week starting May 12th. We will take a 1-mile loop through the skyways, approximately 25 minutes, on dreary days, and an outdoor route, for the beautiful days.  Meet in the lobby of the Public Service Building, where we will head outside if it is nice or walk the skyways if it’s not. 

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