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Read about rent stabilization policy work in Minneapolis.

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In 2021, Minneapolis voters approved a Charter Amendment for the City Council to regulate rents on private residential property in Minneapolis.

What happened next:

  • The City Council adopted a resolution for a Housing/Rent Stabilization Work Group. The work group provided recommendations on housing and rent stabilization to the Mayor and City Council.
  • City staff analyzed the proposed policy frameworks, including expected:
    • Fiscal impacts of a rent stabilization policy
    • Impacts on housing supply, housing stability and housing quality
    • Alignment with the City’s goals for Minneapolis 2040 and race equity
  • This work was presented to the Mayor and City Council.
  • Now, the City Council may consider a rent stabilization policy through the City’s legislative process. If a rent stabilization ordinance is passed, it would then go on a ballot for approval from Minneapolis voters.
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