How state law affects civilian oversight

Learn about how state law affects civilian oversight in Minneapolis

What state law applies to civilian oversight?

  • 89 PEACE OFFICER DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES ACT places limits on the ability of civilian oversight statewide.
  • This law was adopted in 2012 by the Minnesota State

What does state law require?

  • A complaint against a police officer has to be signed by the person complaining or by the police department
  • Civilian oversight agencies have to provide copies of any statement given during the investigation or any reports to the officer before the officer receives

How does state law impact discipline for civilian oversight agencies?

  • State law prohibits civilian oversight agencies from imposing discipline. The chief of the police is the only person able to impose
  • Civilian oversight bodies cannot limit the chief’s decision-making authority in deciding whether misconduct

How does state law limit release of information on police misconduct cases?

  • 43 PERSONNEL DATA limits what information on police misconduct is publicly available.
  • Civilian oversight agencies cannot release any detailed information about open misconduct investigations per state
  • Civilian oversight agencies can release records on the following types of cases:
    • Closed cases with discipline
    • Closed cases with no discipline
    • Whether a case is open
  • State law does not allow details about the case to be released unless discipline has been imposed and any appeal procedures, including grievance, have been concluded.

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