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We make sure that City spending on City contracts is fair to workers and business owners.
Spending & Building Together
Spending & Building Together

Two steps for contractor compliance success

Step one: Compliance planning prior to award of any contract

Prospective contractors must meet certain legal obligations before receiving a city contract. These often include Affirmative Action Planning (contracts in excess of $100,000) and Small and Underutilized Business Program (SUBP) (contracts in excess of $175,000) requirements.

Civil Rights staff will work with you at the pre-award stage to collect all relevant information. Where applicable based on the project, you may be required to submit an Affirmative Action Plan or identify workers and subcontractors you commit to using or have solicited. Affirmative Action plan certifications, pre-construction booklets, and SUBP commitments are some of the tools used to record how you intend to comply once work begins.

Step two: Reporting requirements once work has begun

Once work begins, where applicable based on the project and to verify compliance with commitments made, contractors must report payments to subcontractors in the City's Contract Compliance Information Management System (CCIMS) and/or payment of prevailing wages to all workers onsite in LCPtracker. Throughout the duration of the contract, CCD monitors compliance. Failure to fulfill contract commitments made at step one (pre-contract award stage) may result in monetary fines, penalties, withholding of payment, restitution or additional audits.

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