Return to Work Policy

This policy is meant for helping employees return to work after work-related injury.



Applies To

City Council Department employees who work in permanent classified positions

Non-Sworn Police and Fire Department employees

Other: Employees as noted above who sustain work-related injuries on or after June 1, 1995, which are approved and compensable under the Worker’s Compensation Act.


The Return to Work Program is a coordinated effort among Supervisors, Human Resources Staff and Workers’ Compensation Staff to assist City employees who have sustained a work related injury in reentering the workforce in a timely and efficient manner. The goal of the Return to Work program is to return employees with a work related injury to work in safe and productive employment as soon as medically possible following an injury/illness. Placement can be either in their pre-injury job or in a temporary work assignment if available.

Temporary work assignments can help provide a transition to employees as they recover and prepare to return to their pre-injury job without restrictions. If an employee reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI) and/or has permanent restrictions, and thus cannot return to their pre-injury job (because of inability to perform the essential functions of the pre-injury position), the employee is placed into the Return to Work Job Bank for 120 calendar days and receives all the services offered through the Return to Work/Job Bank Program component. If employment in another City position is not obtained during the 120 day tenure in the Return to Work Job Bank, the employee is terminated from City employment.

Participation in the Return to Work Program shall not be construed as recognition by the employer that the employee has a disability as defined by the ADA.


  • Council Approval: Jan. 24, 1997
  • Effective Date: Feb. 1, 1997
  • Last Revised Date: Aug. 17, 2009


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