Courier Services Procedure

Procedure for local courier service.

Governing Policy: Mailing Policy

Department Approval: June 30, 2007

Administering Department: City Clerk's Office

General Conditions

  1. Use courier services when you need same-day delivery within the Twin Cities metro area for locations not served by the Document Solution Center
  2. The City has a contract with Dynamex, formerly Roadrunner Transportation, Inc.
  3. Or, you may use any vendor you prefer, but you will have to make your own payment arrangements.


  1. Write the name and address where the package is to be delivered.
  2. Call Dynamex at 651-644-8444 to arrange for pickup and delivery.
  3. Give Dynamex the City Clerk account number 9037.
  4. Give them your name, phone number, department and address for the invoice. 
  5. Dynamex will bill the user Department.   


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