Requesting a non-standard domain name procedure

Procedure for requesting an exception to the standard web address.

Governing Policy: Electronic Communications Policy

Type: Enterprise; Check with the Departmental Policy Coordinator for procedures specific to each department.

Department Approval: IT

Effective Date: Sept. 10, 2005

Keywords: Domain names, web addresses, URL


Department heads may request an exception to use a non-standard domain name subject to the approval of the director of the City’s communications department or the chief information office or their designees.

How to request a non-standard domain name

  1. Contact the the IT Service Desk at 612-673-2525 or through the CityLife Employee Hub.

Roles & responsibilities

  • If the use of a non-standard domain name is approved:
    • The Department head requesting and receiving an exception is responsible for making sure that all content that can be accessed using the non-standard URL conforms to City website policy standards and guidelines.
    • The Department head requesting and receiving an exception is responsible for all costs associated with registering and maintaining a non-standard domain name, whether that domain is hosted on City equipment or by arrangement with a private Internet Service Provider (ISP).
    • The Department head requesting and receiving an exception shall maintain registration of the non-standard domain name. A department head would be considered in violation of this policy if the domain registration is allowed to expire without at least three weeks notice of the pending expiration to City’s information technology department and the City’s communications department to allow all links pointing to the URL(s) in question to be deleted or updated.
    • The City’s Information Technology Department, upon proper notification as outlined above, will update or delete all links to the URLs in question.


Failure to notify the City’s Information Technology Department of changes to a non-standard domain name may result in a breakdown of the link(s) between the City’s website and that non-standard domain.


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