Logging on to the network procedure

This procedure defines the terms that users agree to when they log on to the City's network.

Governing Policy: Electronic Communications Policy

Type: Enterprise; Check with the Departmental Policy Coordinator for procedures specific to each department.

Applies To: City Council Departments

Department Approval: IT

Effective Date: Sept. 10, 2005

Keywords: Computer, security, log on, login, password


Logging on to the network

Accessing the City enterprise network, all users agree to allow the City access to all the electronic communication of the user, and consent to the following statement:

All communications made through this system and all material placed on it must conform to the City of Minneapolis Electronic Communications Policy. By logging on, the user consents that the City or its designees may download, print, inspect, copy or, consistent with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, disclose any electronic mail, electronic communications, or other information on this system at any time without further notice. By logging on, you agree to the above. If you do not agree, notify your supervisor immediately.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Users are responsible for reading and understanding the notification text that displays before the log on process.
  • Users are responsible for creating passwords that meet the security criteria established by the City’s information technology department. (See password security requirements)
  • The City’s information technology department is responsible for identifying and communicating password security requirements.

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