Distribution of information or data not ready for public view procedure

Procedure for releasing public data and ensuring that it is ready accurate and complete.

Governing Policy: Electronic Communications Policy

Policy Type: Enterprise; Check with the Departmental Policy Coordinator for procedures specific to each department.

Applies To: City Council Departments

Department Approval: City Clerk's Office

Effective Date: Sept. 10, 2005

Keywords: Confidential, draft, distribution of data


Users shall avoid disseminating information or data that is not ready for public distribution as it may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.

Review information or data prior to distribution or dissemination

  • Review content and determine accuracy and completeness of information or data.
  • If in draft stage, clearly mark information or data as such.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Users are responsible for understanding the nature of the information and data they work with.
  • Users are responsible for understanding when information or data is ready for public distribution.
  • Supervisors and managers are responsible for educating staff regarding when information or data is ready for public distribution.


  • Premature distribution of information or data in it’s draft stage may, at it’s worst, result in the potential for litigation, not to mention the potential for embarrassment of the City and/or it’s agents.

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