Upper Harbor Terminal - Alternative Urban Areawide Review

The City of Minneapolis has determined that an Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) is required for the proposed redevelopment.

As the Responsible Governmental Unit (RGU), the City of Minneapolis has determined that an Alternative Urban Areawide Review (AUAR) is required for the proposed redevelopment of the Upper Harbor Terminal. The project is proposed by United Properties in partnership with First Avenue Productions, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the City of Minneapolis.

AUAR study area

This AUAR studies the proposed Upper Harbor Terminal development located at 3800 1st St N, 2 36th Ave N, 51 36th Ave N, 51 34th Ave N, 3360 1st St N, 3700 Washington Ave N, 3648 Washington Ave N, 3701 Washington Ave N, and 3639 Washington Ave N in Minneapolis. The AUAR study area consists of nine existing tax parcels and public and private infrastructure. The 53-acre industrial site is located north of downtown Minneapolis along the west bank of the Mississippi River between the shoreline and Interstate 94 (I‑94).

Development scenarios

Three scenarios are evaluated in the AUAR as outlined in Table 1. The No Build Scenario represents the existing conditions of the Upper Harbor Terminal site. Under this scenario, no redevelopment would occur. Scenario 1 represents the density of the development proposed in the Upper Harbor Coordinated Development Plan (Final Draft, February 2021). Scenario 2 represents the maximum density allowed under the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Scenario 1 and Scenario 2

Redevelopment of the site would include new infrastructure, including water service, sewer, stormwater, streets, sidewalks, trails, and other utilities, and most of the new services would be extensions to existing infrastructure or upgrading existing systems to support the new land uses. Both build scenarios would also include relocating the existing overhead electric transmission lines.

Scenario 1 and 2 would also improve access to the Upper Harbor Terminal site near Lowry Avenue North. In coordination with CP Rail, both scenarios include improvements to the two railroad crossings on 33rd Avenue North.

Table 1: Development scenarios

ComponentNo build scenarioScenario 1: Draft Coordinated Development PlanScenario 2: Maximum Density Allowable under the Comprehensive Plan
Residential units 0 520 890
Commercial (square feet) 0 50,000 55,000
Non-commercial: office, industrial (square feet) 110,000 315,000 640,000
Industrial storage (acres) 37 0 0
Music venue (peak attendance) 0 10,000 10,000
Recreation (acres) 0 19.5 19.5

Public comment period

Notice will be published in the EQB Monitor on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. Written comments on the draft AUAR must be submitted within the 30-day comment period, which ends at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 24, 2021. It is anticipated that the BIHZ Committee at its regular meeting on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, or at a subsequent meeting, will receive a report and recommendation from City staff. The City Council will act on the recommendation of this Committee at its regular meeting on Friday, September 10, 2021, or at a subsequent meeting. 

For further information or to submit written comments on the draft AUAR, contact Hilary Dvorak.

UHT Draft AUAR Order

Scoping Document

UHT Final AUAR Order

Draft AUAR and Mitigation Plan

Final AUAR and Mitigation Plan

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