Adult Use Cannabis Amendment

You can learn more about the adult use cannabis amendment.


In 2023, Minnesota's state government made it legal for adults over 21 to use cannabis. Now, we need to create specific rules for cannabis uses.  The Adult Use Cannabis Amendment will make changes to the Zoning Code to cover things like:

  • Where cannabis businesses may locate
  • Standards for cannabis businesses
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Goals of the amendment

Our goal is to create rules that:

  • Support the new legal cannabis industry
  • Keep our community safe and healthy

Land use regulations 

We can make rules about when, where, and how cannabis businesses run. These rules cover all the new cannabis licenses offered by the State.

This includes how cannabis is:

  • Grown
  • Processed
  • Sold
  • Distributed

Minneapolis cannabis businesses that want to be licensed by the state must complete a land use compatibility statement. We will provide information about whether a business's location fits with local zoning rules, during this application process.

See how cannabis business licensing will work

Applicable sections of the zoning code

The chapters of the zoning code listed below may change as part of the Adult Use Cannabis amendment:

  • Chapter 545. Use Regulations
  • Chapter 550. Development Standards
  • Chapter 560. Signs
  • Chapter 565. Definitions


  • No meetings are currently scheduled.  Check back for new meetings.

Public meetings and outreach

We'll ask the community and experts in the cannabis industry for advice on our new rules for using cannabis. Check back for updates on the public outreach process.  Your opinion is important in making these rules work well for our community!

A virtual public meeting will be held in Spring/Summer 2024.

Adoption process

  • Planning Commission Public Hearing – Summer 2024
  • Business, Inspections, Housing, and Zoning Committee – Summer 2024
  • City Council – Summer 2024
  • Published Ordinance in Effect – Summer 2024

Effective date

The Adult Use Cannabis Amendment is “adopted” and goes into effect once the mayor signs it. The mayoral signature is the last step after the adoption process above.


Media requests

For all media inquiries, please contact the City of Minneapolis Communications Department.

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