ePlan electronic plan for fire permits

We explain how to apply for a fire permit and submit your plans for review. You will use the City's online document review process called ePlan.


We explain how to get a fire permit from the City online.


Email your permit application to Fire Permits & Registrations

  1. Down the application you need:
  2. Save the blank application to your computer.
  3. Complete the entire application and save it to your computer.
    • All permit applications must include the first and last name of the permit contact person.
  4. Email the completed form to Fire Permits & Registrations
    • Remember to attach the completed form to your email.
    • Do not include any other attachments with the email other than the permit application form. We will not review or forward additional documents sent via email.

Prepare your documents and plans

After you have applied for a permit, you can submit or revise the following online:

  • Plans (drawings)
  • Documents

To submit online for the City of Minneapolis to review:

  1. Make sure you have already submitted a permit application.
  2. Prepare your files
    1. Submit files as searchable vector PDF or DWF files.
    2. Orient all files so they are legible.
    3. Upload each plan sheet as a single file.
    4. Follow our file naming standards to ensure proper sorting of files:
      1. Number each sheet using the convention of 001-Cover Sheet, 002-Survey, 003-A1.0, etc.
      2. Use the same file name on corrected or revised submissions to ensure version control.
    5. Leave space in each file for the City of Minneapolis stamp in the upper right corner.
      1. Documents that are 8.5” x 11” should leave a 2” x 2” clear area.
      2. All other document sizes should leave a 4” x 4” clear area.
    6. Draw plans to scale. Each sheet must illustrate a typical graphic scale.


We will not accept your application if you do not follow these instructions when you prepare your files.


Upload your documents and plans

You will receive an email invitation to your ProjectDox project and a task email.  The task email will explain how to upload your plans.

  1. Follow the steps in the email to log into ProjectDox. New users will receive a temporary password included in the invitation email.
  2. Once logged in, find the appropriate task to upload and submit your files.
  3. Upload your documents and plans using the eForm in ProjectDox.
    You must complete this step before we can move forward in the process.
  4. A Development Coordinator will review your documents and plans during the prescreen process.
  5. We will send you an email if there are any problems with your submission. A common issue we see: people not following the City’s file submission guidelines under Prepare your documents and plans. Be sure to orient your pages and name each file correctly.

About the review process

A Development Coordinator will work with the appropriate Reviewers for your project. During this process, you can expect to receive email communication regarding updates. It may take 15 days to fully review your project.


Submit revised documents and plans

The City will send you an email with the subject “Resubmit Applicant Task” if you need to make corrections. The email will explain if you need to:

  • Re-submit corrected sheets
  • Respond to questions from the Reviewers

Please respond to each Changemark and Checklist item noted by the Reviewers in the ProjectDox system. 

People often need to do multiple resubmissions during a project. We require corrections to ensure that your project follows City and State laws.

Pay and download

Pay fees and access approved plans

Pay fees

If fees are due after we review your project, we will send an email with instructions for payment.

Access plans

After we complete your review, you will receive an email with instructions to download your approved plans.

Get help with ePlan

For help using ePlan:

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