Food waste communication

Let your staff and customers know how you prevent food waste.


We share ideas for reducing food waste at your business.

After you make your waste reduction plan, be sure to:

  • Tell your staff about food waste and how to prevent it
  • Promote your efforts to customers

What to communicate

Restaurant manager with clipboard

Communicate to staff

Inform staff Use pre-shifts and staff meetings to talk about wasted food.
Get staff buy-in Get staff excited about your food waste reduction plan. Appoint a passionate staff member as a food waste reduction champion.
Celebrate creativity Empower staff to come up with ideas to prevent wasted food. Keep a log book of ideas to reduce wasted food.
Set shared goals Set specific targets for reducing food waste. Periodically share progress with staff.

Communicate to customers

Promote your
food waste
prevention program

Tell customers and community members that your restaurant reduces food waste.

Place signs:

  • In your windows
  • At the host stand
  • On tables
Tell your story Use your menu to tell the story of how you are preventing wasted food.
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Get help from Hennepin County

The County offers free technical help and grants to businesses. Learn how to reduce wasted food, donate food and compost with organics recycling.

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