Victorian Eclectic

You can read about the Victorian Eclectic architectural style and where it was used in Minneapolis.


The term “Victorian Eclectic” is used to describe buildings built in the styles that developed during the rule of Britain’s Queen Victoria, but which do not cleanly fit into any specific style popular during that time. Victorian architecture itself was eclectic, borrowing forms from earlier periods of European architecture, but adding influence from the Middle East and applying greater ornamentation made possible by modern manufacturing and construction techniques. Victorian Eclectic buildings typically include characteristics of multiple styles popular during the Victorian period, including Second Empire, Queen Anne, Shingle, and Richardsonian Romanesque. They also often have significant elements of earlier styles, such as Gothic Revival, Romanesque Revival, or Italianate, and may exhibit the early development of more modern styles as well.

Victorian Eclectic in Minneapolis:

Dania Hall

Updated: April 2015

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