Wakefield House

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Address: 4700 Fremont Avenue South

Neighborhood: Lynnhurst

Construction Date: 1912

Contractor: Unknown

Architect: Purcell, Feick and Elmslie

Architectural Style: Prairie School

Historic Use: Private Residence

Current Use: Private Residence

Date of Local Designation: 1987

Date of National Register Designation: N/A

Area(s) of Significance: Architecture

Period of Significance: 1900 -

Historic Profile: The Lyman Wakefield House remains an excellent example of the successful incorporation of design elements of the Prairie School into the widely used Craftsman style. The Craftsman style, with its low maintenance and simple design, generally appealed to the servantless upper and middle-class population that moved into southwest Minneapolis during the 1900s. Designed by the nationally recognized firm of Purcell, Feick and Elmslie, the stucco residence was the home of Minneapolis banking executive and civic leader Lyman E. Wakefield. The building includes all of the Craftsman stucco box elements, but the intelligent use of brick, stone and wood for the detail, the relation of the dormers to the roof plane, and the geometric pattern of the stair bay transform the basic theme of the structure ever so slightly into the realm of a "high art" object.

Photo Credits:

1974, Unknown

2006, Minneapolis CPED

Works Cited:

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Updated: February 2007

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