Webster-Deinard House

You can read about the history and designation of the Webster-Deinard House historic landmark.






Address: 1729 Morgan Avenue South

Neighborhood: Lowry Hill

Construction Date: 1924

Contractor: Unknown

Architect: Liebenberg & Kaplan Architects

Architectural Style: Tudor Revival

Historic Use: Private Residence

Current Use: Private Residence

Date of Local Designation: 2014

Area of Significance: Social History, Significant Person/Group, Architectural Style, Landscape Design, and Master Architect

Period of Significance: 1924-1985

Historic Profile: The property exemplifies the work of architects Liebenberg & Kaplan, the partnership of Jack Liebenberg and Seeman Kaplan. The partners are best known for their work designing movie theaters throughout the upper Midwest, most of them completed in the Art Deco style. However, they were also the designer of several homes in the Lowry Hill and Kenwood neighborhoods. The Deinard house is not only an excellent example of the type of residential architecture in which the firm specialized, but it retains virtually every element and material designed by its architects.
At the time of its designation, the Webster / Deinard Residence was the only residential building designed by Liebenberg and Kaplan designated as a local landmark in Minneapolis. Amos Spencer Deinard lived in the home from 1947 to 1985. Mr. Deinard was a founding member of the Leonard, Street, and Deinard law firm, established in 1922. Mr. Deinard practiced in the area of civil law and was for a time the chair of the Minneapolis Fair Employment Practices Commission. Meetings for the Commission were held at the residence upon its inception. Mr. Deinard and also founded the Minneapolis Federation for Jewish Service among many other notable accomplishments.

Photo Credits:

1924, Robert Glancy and Amos Samuel Deinard, courtesy of the "Liebenberg and Kaplan Papers 1919-1969," Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota

2013, Robert Glancy and Amos Samuel Deinard

Works Cited:

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