Stewart Memorial Church

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Address: 116 East 32nd Street

Neighborhood: Lyndale

Construction Date: 1909

Contractor: Unknown

Architect: Purcell and Feick

Architectural Style: Prairie Style

Historic Use: Religious – Church

Current Use: Religious – Church

Date of Local Designation: 1984

Date of National Register Designation: 1978

Areas of Significance: Architecture, Master Architects

Period of Significance: 1909 –

Historic Profile: The Stewart Memorial Church is one of the few Minneapolis churches to be executed in the Prairie Style, a radical departure from established concepts in ecclesiastical design. Architects William Purcell and George Feick created a building reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s innovative design for United Temple in Oak Park, Illinois (1906). The original design integrity has been maintained even through the addition of the organ and the construction of the Sunday School wing. An effort to rehabilitate the windows, doors, exterior walls, porches, and other decorative features was undertaken in 1999.

Photo Credits:

1973, Thomas J. Lutz, courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

2006, Minneapolis CPED

Works Cited:

"National Register of Historic Places Inventory – Nomination Form," January 1978.

Updated: February 2007

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