Shoreham Yards Roundhouse

You can read about the history and designation of the Shoreham Yards Roundhouse historic landmark.

Soo Line Roundhouse




Address: 2800 Central Avenue

Neighborhood: Columbia Park

Construction Date: 1887-1919

Contractor: Unknown

Architect: Unknown

Architectural Style: Commercial Railroad

Historic Use: Transportation

Current Use: Vacant

Date of Local Designation: 2000

Date of National Register Designation: N/A

Area(s) of Significance: Economic and Social History; Architecture

Period of Significance: 1887-1970

Historic Profile: Located on the southeastern corner of the Shoreham Yards, the Roundhouse was first constructed in 1887. Between 1887 and 1919, the semi-circular red brick building grew from 18 stalls to 46 stalls. Originally serving as the storage space for steam locomotives, the roundhouse was converted to a service station, lockers, and general storage after the conversion to diesel locomotives in the 1950s. The Roundhouse at Shoreham Yards acted as the central hub for the Minneapolis, Sault Ste. Marie & Atlantic Railroad company (referred to as the Soo Line). The Soo Line Company, under its first president William D. Washburn, started as a grain transportation system which contributed to much of the success of the milling industry in Minneapolis. The roundhouse was once the epicenter of the railroad repair yards and provided employment for people who lived in Northeast Minneapolis. Currently, the Soo Line Yard Site is vacant; however extensive pollution clean-up efforts are being conducted to prepare the site for future development.

Photo Credits:

1941, Storm Damage, courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

2006, Minneapolis CPED

Works Cited:

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Updated: February 2007

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