Mayhew Rowhouses

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Mayhew Rowhouses - 614-626 S 9th St, unknown date. Courtesy of Christopher DeLaurentis

unknown date
Courtesy of Christopher DeLaurentis

Southwest elevation, looking north, July 2021

July 2021
Southwest elevation, looking north

Address: 614-626 9th Street South

Neighborhood: Elliot Park

Construction Date: 1886

Contractor: Charles F. Haglin and Charles Morse

Architect: Frederick Clarke

Architectural Style: Richardsonian Romanesque and Queen Anne

Historic Use: Multi-family residential (rowhouses)

Current Use: Multi-family residential (rowhouses)

Date of Local Designation: 2022 Landmark designation, 1988 designation as a contributing resource in the Ninth Street South Historic District

Date of National Designation: N/A

Area(s) of Significance: Significant Events, Neighborhood Identity, Architecture, Master Architect

Period of Significance: 1886

Historic Profile

The Mayhew Rowhouses at 614 – 626 South Ninth Street were constructed in 1886.  The property was designated as a Landmark in 2022 after being identified as a contributing resource in the Ninth Street South Historic District when it was designated in 1988.  Developed by businessman-developer George Mayhew and constructed by the local contracting firm of Charles F. Haglin and Charles Morse, the Mayhew is an elaborately designed work by the district’s most prominent architect, Frederick Clarke.  As the oldest surviving collection of rowhouses in the South Ninth Street Historic District, the Mayhew is strongly associated with the patterns of residential development in this area of the Elliot Park neighborhood during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and with the area’s historic identity as a concentration of multi-family residential properties.  As a unique blend of the Queen Anne and Richardsonian Romanesque architectural styles, the property is a well-preserved example of late nineteenth-century architectural eclecticism as well as the rowhouse property type.

Photo Credits:

Date unknown – Christopher Delaurentis

2021 – New History

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