Lake Harriet Picnic Pavilion and Restrooms

You can read about the history and designation of the Lake Harriet Picnic Pavilion and Restrooms.



Doors of Tangletown, p. 23



Address: 4525 Upton Avenue South

Neighborhood: Linden Hills

Construction Date: 1891 (Rest Buildings)/ 1904 (Picnic Pavilion)

Contractor: Minneapolis Park Board

Architect: Harry Wild Jones

Architectural Style: Shingle/Bavarian

Historic Use: Culture/Recreation - Park

Current Use: Culture/Recreation - Park

Date of Local Designation: 1980

Date of National Register Designation: N/A

Area(s) of Significance: Master Architect

Period of Significance: 1890-

Historic Profile: Built in 1891, the Lake Harriet Men’s and Women’s Rest Buildings were constructed at the same time as the second Bandstand. Both designed by prominent local architect and Park Board member Harry Wild Jones, these rest buildings have been considered a focal part of the Lake Harriet neighborhood. The Men’s restroom is hexagonal in plan with a peaked roof while the Women’s restroom is rectangular with a six-sided waiting room complete with a fireplace. The Picnic Pavilion, also believed to be the work of Harry Wild Jones was completed in 1904, the same year as the third Bandstand. It is an eight-sided wood pagoda, and is one of the few historic picnic pavilions still in existence in Minneapolis.

Photo Credits:

Women’s Restroom, courtesy of Doors of Tangletown, p. 23

2006, Picnic Pavilion, Minneapolis CPED

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